The closest rival to the Ball Cap Cooler (also known as Aerify Breeze) is the Neck Fan. Un-patented Neck Fans have exploded on the market in just the last 4 years selling in the untold multi-millions. They are selling mainly because they are decent products and they are the best personal cooling item that people can find at the present time. But Neck Fans have major drawbacks. They are heavy, bulky, obtrusive and unstable when a person is engaged in vigorous physical activities during work and play. They do not dry sweat before it drips into the eyes.

Our Utility Patented Breeze (also known as a Ball Cap Cooler) is far better because it is lightweight, unobtrusive, stable when used on headgear, and unlike neck fans, the Breeze dries sweat before it drips into the eyes which is crucial for well-being during outdoor work and play. And in a feat of truly amazing engineering simplicity, the Breeze easily becomes a lanyard-held Neck Fan.

Neck Fan conversion
Ball Cap Cooler