Utility Patented – Ball Cap Coolers

Application # 16/043.968
Patent # US 11,445,775 B2

• Best personal cooling device currently in existence (explained)

• The explosion of Neck Fans in the last 3 years has opened the door wide to our product (explained).

• Our product is better than a Neck Fan and becomes a Neck Fan (see photos below).

Utility patents in the headgear space are nearly impossible obtain. (explained)

3.5-Minute Demonstration Video


We seek either a Licensing Agreement or Funding for our Startup. Below is a Licensing Package and an Investor Package containing the main components of the startup structure we built.


1) One-Page Executive Summary
2) Licensing Agreement Proposal
3) Working Prototypes (available after initial meeting)
4) 3-D Models Built to Scale (available after initial meeting)
5) Refined Product Computer Models (only available upon licensing finalization)
6) Facebook Market Test Overview
7) Facebook Market Test Analytics
8) Facebook Market Test Videos (narrated by test professional)
9) Ball Cap Cooler Comparison with Neck Fans
10) Circuit Board Schematic (only available upon licensing finalization)
11) Circuit Board Gerber Files (only available upon licensing finalization)
12) Manufacturing Cost Breakdown
13) Patent Protection Information
14) Another Similar Device (similar to Ball Cap Coolers and selling in large quantity)
15) Hard Hat Cooler Diagrams
16) Other Potential Aerify Products in a Line of Products
17) Working Prototype & Scale Model Comparison
18) 3.5-minute Video
19) Licensing Pitch Deck
20) Neck Fan Sales Information


1) Complete Business Proposal
2) Five-year Pro Forma tables
3) Working prototypes (available after first meeting)
4) Models built to scale (available after first meeting)
5) Facebook market test analytics
6) Facebook market test videos
7) Refined solid works computer model of device (available after first meeting)
8) Manufacturing cost breakdown
9) Manufacturer ready for production
10) Gerber files for circuit boards (available after first meeting)
11) Social media marketer ready to work

Ball Cap Cooler

Ball Cap Coolers Become Lanyard-Held Neck Fans

Hard Hat Cooler